Music for Orchestra

Five Nocturnes for Orchestra (1980)
Overture to a Summer Afternoon (1992) (ASCAP)
The Day the Orchestra Got STUCK! (1992)
Labyrinthian Dances (1994) (ASCAP)
Aurora Australis (2001) (ASCAP)
The Forest of Tears (2005) (ASCAP)
Antiphonies (2006) (ASCAP) [For double orchestra]
Illuminations (2007) (ASCAP)
Jasmine Bouquet (2008) (ASCAP)
Kiva Dances (2009) (ASCAP)
Gears (2011) (ASCAP)
Battle Cry and Jig (2012) (ASCAP)
Four Days (2013) (ASCAP)
The Fourth of July! (march) (ASCAP)

Ron’s Orchestra Music is available through The Ente Press

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