Music Notation

I use Finale to create scores, and I have been a Finale user since 1991.  This is not to say (sorry…) that Finale is absolutely superior to anything else, but it does the job quite well, and I have a lot of knowledge and experience with it.  There is a very steep learning curve with these programs.  Prior to the age of Finale, I created my musical scores with pen and ink (or pencil), on vellum or paper.  I also taught music calligraphy at UCSB in the College of Creative Studies.
Many believe that today’s modern music notation software (Finale, Sibelius, others) takes care of all the notation details for the composer/arranger. In fact, they take care of only the minimum details. A thorough knowledge of the practice of music notation is essential for the creation of scores which are clear for the conductor, and parts (especially) which are clear and logical for the performers to read.  Clearly-notated parts save time and frustration in the preparation and performance of all music!

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