Ron was born in Los Angeles, but raised in Santa Barbara, California, for which he is eternally grateful.  He graduated from Santa Barbara High School, where he played in, and occasionally conducted, the ‘Dons’ Band.  He has a BA in mathematics, and an MA and PhD in Music Composition, all from UC Santa Barbara.  He was the director of Bands, and taught a variety of other classes in the Music Department and the College of Creative Studies at UCSB.  He is also a veteran, with the unlucky lottery number of 16; he was a member of the 72nd and the 264th U.S. Army Bands, both now defunct.

Since moving to the San Francisco Bay area 1n 1985, he has performed with the Peninsula Symphony, the Nova Vista Symphony, the Palo Alto Philharmonic, and the Redwood Symphony.  He has composed and arranged music for the Peninsula Symphony since 1992, and has been composer-in-residence with the Peninsula Youth Orchestra since 1999.  He has also performed with the Black Tie Jazz Orchestra, the Ente Winds and the Allegro Saxophone Quartet, and as a woodwinds player in the “pit” for numerous musicals.

He  lives in the Bay Area, and has 2 grown children.

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